Friday, December 17, 2010

Breaking it down!

Well its here.. Christmas break! And oh the joy that came at 4:00 when the kids were home and there was nothing to do and nowhere to go.. I seriously was giddy!!
Maddie had a little party in class so Malia when to join her and it was pretty darn cute seeing them hang out. Of course everyone always gathers around Malia because shes so cute!
I am sooo looking forward to this break. Sleeping in, wearing pjs past 9, no homework, no running around, no nothing! I seriously need this! And I am very close to the end of my project 365 which I obviously need to be done with because I have nothing interesting to write about and we dont have snow outside so its just dead and ugly out there and so I have no joy in my photography right now. So woohoo its almost 2011, which is shocking but very exciting!


tamiz said...

I'm so proud of you for sticking to your project. I would have dumped it in February. Way to go. Hope your break is awesome!