Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve.. finally!

Well it is finally Christmas Eve and boy are these kids ready! Maddie has been ready to go to bed so Santa can come since we woke up!
We started out the day by doing our yearly tradition of drawing names and shopping for each other. We did lunch and watched a movie then decorated and ginger bread house. Then headed over to Red's for some dinner. Afterward we drove around to look at lights and back home to wrap each others gifts and then after watching Rudolph we exchanged the gifts, opened our new Jammies (my favorite part) and then snuggled in bed to read The Night Before Christmas!
We are still trying to determine how early we are willing to wake up, Im usually wanting to get up early with the kids but with Malia and waking her up early... I just dont want a cranky girl! So we will see!
We are so excited and we hope you all are too!
Happy Christmas eve!
Oh this first two pics are funny.. Maddie wanted to pose and Malia followed suit!

So happy!

Seriously excited after seeing these and really wanting one earlier!

He was impressed with Maddie's choices for him and also my jammy choice for him!


Erica said...

Busy day!! Much like ours- but I love being with my little family during this holiday. Merry Christmas!!!

alison said...

Sounds like a fun day--and you kept the kids plenty busy. Merry Christmas, hope Malia gets enough sleep and wakes up happy.