Saturday, June 26, 2010


Even though its summer I still am in love with my weekends! The kids are so busy with their activities that Saturdays are really my only day off. Kaden had his camp out and so us girls were still alone this morning so we went to the Farmers Market, it was so hot and we werent to impressed with the market so we got out of there! I did end up bringing home some veggie tamales, chips and salsa and empanadas for dinner tomorrow!!
We tried to play outside today but the mosquito's are back and with a vengeance.. poor Malia!

I was loving the bokeh in these pics!!
Kaden didnt sleep well last night and went to bed really late so at 6 tonight he fell asleep during our movie and slept for over 2 hours. He woke up a few times and I even talked to him but he would fall right back asleep. When Rich got home he woke up and didnt remember anything.. guess he was dead tired! Hmmm maybe Rich should take ALL the kids camping!

Im a little obsessed with these lillies!


tamiz said...

What has happened? You've NEEDED me to fix your numbers!!! You went from 170 to 700 something... or maybe I've been gone so long I missed the announcement of your new numbering system. The lily pic is freaking awesome! Frame it and put it in Malia's room. We think it's time for us to move back too. Got room for us in your basement? HA

Elizabeth said...

I also love the lily picture!! Beautiful!! That camp out wore Nathan out too!! Too bad we can't send them out camping more often!