Monday, June 7, 2010

155/365 AGAIN.. seriously!

Ya you see that bump.. it should'nt be there! Kaden had their first official baseball game of the season tonight. I was running just a few minutes late because I had to pick up Maddie from dance and as I was pulling into the park I got a call and it was cutting out but I finally heard "Kaden is hurt" OMG I hurried and parked grabbed the girls and started running! I got to the pit and saw his head and about fell over.
I guess they were doing a drill where they hit a basketball and the bat ricocheted and smacked him in the head. They had already called the paramedics. So the ambulance came up to the pic they came and checked him out, took vitals and all looked good so I just took him home.
I was pretty nervous so we were keeping a good eye on him and all of a sudden one of his pupils was looking bigger than the other so I had Rich look and he saw it too, so I rushed him to Childrens urgent.
He ended up getting a CT Scan and that ended up looking good, no bleeds just a big ol swollen bump. BUT there was still that dang pupil so they started eye tests and all those came back perfect. He felt great, never cried wasnt sick wasnt even in pain so it was kinda weird.
After all the tests they finally said we could go home, they think it just got trauma to a nerve and should be ok but we have to follow up with an eye doc within a few days.
Seriously this kid is such a trooper. His biggest complaint was that he had to miss the 1st game and he was supposed to pitch a big part of the game, so he was actually quite P. O'ed about that.
Im so glad hes ok I was pretty freaked out! Love that boy, he had me laughing in the room the whole time we waited! So just call us the Millers, because the urgent care runs are becoming a bit to frequent!!