Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Have I mentioned how much I love my backyard? I go out there and just walk around for a few minutes and its like new air is in me and I can go back in the house and handle the whining, dinner making, clothes folding, and every thing else. I love the new colors that seem to appear everyday out there. Right now there are these fabulous purple flowers, I just adore them and wish there were more! But the lily's in the pond are my absolute favorite, right now there are about 6 getting ready to bloom.. love
Maddie got to be daddy's big helper tonight while Kaden was at practice.. Kaden is now with Rich at basketball so I may or may not get a pic of him. OOPS!

I love these haunting eyes of hers.
And Maddies eyes are just sparkling, I love them!


Angela said...

Great pictures Kris! Your backyard sounds and looks beautiful!