Saturday, June 5, 2010


I spent most of my day editing my session from today, so it was a busy day and my eyes are ready for a break from this computer! We are pretty sure Malia got bit by a spider sometime today. I didnt notice it until tonight when we were on our way home from shopping and I was pretty freaked out! I called my on call nurse (Haley) we gave her benadryl and put on some cortisone and Im hoping it will be clear by morning. She doesnt seem to even notice it thank goodness but I had nightmares and I mean NIGHTMARES about spiders ALL last night so Im pretty sure I wont get much sleep tonight worrying about her and thinking about those dang spiders! So I took pics of Maddie and Kaden same time I took Malias pics today and I somehow managed to delete them.. yeah me NOT! So I had to sneak in their rooms and get them. Maddie was sound asleep...
Kaden was wide awake playing his DS.. naughty boy!
Like I said I had a session today! It was awesome! Go check it out here.