Wednesday, June 2, 2010


You would think that Maddie having a week off of dance would mean exactly that, that she would take a week off. Nope the girl misses class and cant wait to get back in and has been dancing like crazy! Today we stayed inside pretty much all day trying to stay away from the mosquito's for a day so there was lots of music and dancing going on.
Tonight we watched a documentary on Ballerinas and Maddie was very inspired. She then spent an hour choreographing a dance for Rich for when he got home. It was really cute.. yes I should have filmed it but I didnt. Shes been working really hard on her flexibility and can do a fabulous full left split and is getting very close on the other side and the middle!
Malia loves getting in on the action and even Kaden went a little b boy on us tonight!

BTW this was while Malia was "getting Jammies" I found her naked and dancing!


Angela said...

Dancing always makes me happy! Even though I personally stink at it!

Laurie and Travis said...

Your little ballerinas are adorable;)

Norah said...

So cute! Gene can do some funky breakdancing too!