Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Big day for the Jeffers clan! We attempted the dentist with Malia again.. does she look concerned?? Well this pic was actually AFTER the hygienist got done cleaning and checking her teeth!!! I was so dang proud of her! 6 months ago she FAAREEEAAKKED out!! Today she cried just for a second.. covered her face with a book, then covered her mouth with her hand.. then squished her lips together which made us all bust up laughing and she relaxed and opened her mouth!! She was shivering she was so nervous but she got through it and her teeth are perfect!!! So proud of my girl!!!!

Then finally after having a couple games he was supposed to pitch in getting either hit and rushed to Urgent care or having the game cancelled because of rain her finally got to pitch! Their team was not on their game today so we got killed but when Kaden got put in he did really great! He only walked 1 boy and he struck 1 out and then the rest got hits off of him which I still thought was awesome! I was super proud of him, he knew he could have done better and next time he will!!

And Maddie got the crap pic at the end of the day... I was cracking up though because she was so into whatever she was watching (While cradeling her phone) she never noticed me lol!


tamiz said...

Oh Maddie will be mortified. She needs warning so she can pose! Good job with Malia! I'm not even going to attempt with Jude til he's three. Glad Kaden's back on the bag again (I think that's the correct lingo).

Melissa said...

Hurray for perfect teeth!