Saturday, June 19, 2010


Our friends invited us to the Rockies game tonight! They had a suite which was pretty sweet!! There was food and drinks just waiting for us AND Scott got to throw the first pitch.. how crazy is that!!! We had an absolute blast! Kaden was in heaven, Rich was in heaven, Maddie came out to watch the game whenever there was a good booty shakin song on and had tons of fun with her friends and I cant stand watching baseball games on tv but you put me at a real game and I get WAY into it!! We had a group right next to us that was full of Brewers fans so we got a little testy (in fun) with each other! A couple of the guys got a little flirty with us hot mommas... one in particular got so close he was spitting on my face (DRUNK MUCH) and Rich got a little territorial.. to the point he pretty much pee'd on my leg to mark his territory. It was pretty funny! We ended up winning at a nail biter of an end, it was really awesome!
I was planning on getting pics at the game so I didnt take out my camera all day... uh forgot about Malias pic OOPS!! So in 167 days this is the first I missed of her dang it!
Thanks L's for a great night!!!

And now I will go drop dead in my bed... HEY I did this post with 10 minutes to spare woohoo!!


Angela said...

What a fun night out! Wish I could have been there! Cute picture with all the kids at the game!

Jolayne said...

You know, you can change the date and time of your posts.

Haley L said...

Great pics! What a fun night that was!! O and for the record . . that guy was flirting with YOU and only YOU!!! I'm sure that will make Rich feel much better. :) Tee hee.

Elizabeth said...

It was a great night! I think Scott is still living on a "rockies High!" haha! and what a crazy end of game it was!! I too agree with Haley...that guy was only looking at YOU!!! Great memories!!