Monday, June 14, 2010


Malia is constantly cracking us up! Her vocab has taken off to where she is able to pretty much always tell us what she needs, wants.. doesnt want, unless shes whining to which I have to tell her I dont speak whine! But its been so fun having the kids home, I think that has played a big part of her being so happy and talking so much, having some buddies around to chase and play with has been great for her!! This morning she saw Rich making his lunch before work and she decided she needed it for her breakfast, so she had salad for breakfast! This girl loves her greens!!
It was a very nice cool over cast kind of day, so we spent a bunch of the day outside! It was so nice after days of rain! And my picture taking has been seriously lacking so I tried to get at least 1 good one of the kids today!
Kaden had a baseball game today. They WON!! They played great! Kaden had a great game, he had 2 really great assists where his buddy Cooper throw a ball from home to 2nd and Kaden was able to get the outs! It was really awesome! He ended up sharing MVP with another team mate because he played so great! YEAH!!! He got walked both times he was at bat so I didnt get any great pics or video.. maybe next time!!