Friday, June 18, 2010


Well while Kaden lays... the girls will play!!

We pulled out the slide today and even though it wasnt steaming hot today they still got in and had so much fun! Kaden realized pretty quickly that he rather watch than be in the cold water.. but soon realized he might as well have fun! So they were all having a blast! Malia was in heaven, and loving the freezing water, she jumped right in and didnt want out.
After about 45 minutes she was turning purple and tried to come cuddle with me so I asked if I should get her towel and she yelled NO and ran back in the water and tried to hide from me. Well she was shivering, could barely walk and was purple.. I had to end her fun!
I gotta say Im not a huge outdoors fun girl but I have had the funnest time enjoying this weather and watching the kids laugh so hard and have so much fun! Love it!


Angela said...

That slide looks awesome! If your kids ever need kids to come over to play on it with them.... :)