Wednesday, June 9, 2010


OK is it Friday yet?? Longest week ever!! Kaden had his appt with the eye guy at Childrens today and it went really well! Kaden was pretty nervous. When they got him in the started doing different vision tests and noted that his right pupil is larger than the left. He past all the vision tests with flying colors so then we were off to see the big guy, I guess hes the head of the department!! And he was going to look, they were going to dilate the eyes.. but he got in there and looked for awhile and said. Yes there was obviously trauma to the nerve that controls the pupil, but he didnt think anything else needed to be done and that he would be fine!! The only thing we have to watch for is if the pupil ends up resting at a larger size than what it is when we were there Kaden would have to wear a medical bracelet because if he were to get sent to the er they would take 1 look at the pupil and declare him brain dead.. AHHH!! SOOO thankfully it isnt looking like that will be a problem but we will have a follow up appt in 1 year to make sure everything looks fine as long as the pupil stays the size it is now he is free and clear!! WOOOO That was STRESSFULL!!
We finally got to go outside this evening... with no spray.. and no mosquito's!! It was AWESOME!!
The kids were racing around the yard and having a blast! Loved seeing them have such a fun time with just each other!!

Kaden was going being such a good big brother and "loosing" all the races! OH and that reminds me. I have to give this boy props because hes been such a trooper through all this injury stuff but what really impressed me was when we got to childrens and of course it was super busy, hard to find parking and all that Kaden said "man this is really sad" I said Oh what "that there are this many sick kids" it melted my heart that he was looking around and seeing a bigger picture.. it was one of those awesome mommy moments! Then in the waiting room we were around some younger kids with much bigger issues than what Kaden was dealing with and when we were alone he brought it up and said how thankful he was and lucky and I could tell he even felt a little bit guilty about how lucky he is. There was one baby with a very large facial tumor and that seemed to get to him. I was really proud of him for looking outside himself and having such compassion for others.
K LOVE LOVE that she was dragging her "forever" bear around today.. so cute!!


Angela said...

Great summer pics and glad to hear that Kaden's eye is doing better. Keep those cute outdoor shots coming! Love them!