Thursday, June 3, 2010


We spent the morning shopping which always puts a smile on my face!! We had lots of errands to do and the kids were troopers so I spoiled them a bit! And by spoil I mean I bough Maddie a fuzzy notebook.. buy this girl some paper and she feels spoiled... haha easy right!!!
I dont think she put it down all day!
Malia decided to play in bed rather than sleep in bed for her nap and so by 5 she was a hot mess! She was falling asleep on the floor or bawling all night so finally after dinner we sent her to bed.. only to find her PLAYING!!! WHAT!!! So Im hoping she sleeps in and wakes up happy! Please OH Please!
Yeah almost the weekend.. which doesnt mean much since every day is pretty much a weekend during the summer!


Haley L said...

Noooo! Not the elusive sleeper again. :( I think maybe she's getting your bad sleep karma. Maybe I should start bringing you both warm milk at night or something. ;)

tamiz said...

Sniff, ability to comment is being taken away for a couple months. Hopefully I can at least get access once a week. Boo Hoo! Who will tell you when you've shorted yourself a number? Which you did again today but guess what? I broke into your account and fixed it myself. Do you feel violated? If so sorry!

Angela said...

Maddie is so cute standing under the tree with her fuzzy notebook! She looks so happy!

Norah said...

Love that fuzzy notebook! I had a mess of a Linhsey yesterday with no sleep. She was an emotional train wreck! She was in bed and asleep by 7pm. Phew!

Elizabeth said...

Ah those are the days when just a fuzzy notebook and a pen make our kids happy!! I hope Malia starts sleeping soon!! Or I fear her naps are leaving??? boo hoo!!