Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Well as you can see in the photo, Kadens noggin is doing pretty dang good.. even though he looks a bit mad in that pic... he was watching tv and didnt know I was there!
He is feeling totally fine today his pupil has gone from normal to not and back again all day but for the most part normal. We have to drive up to Childrens in Denver in the morning for the fancy eye doc to make sure there is no damage, so Im praying it will be a smooth easy everythings fine trip! Seriously just 6 months ago we were dealing with a broken finger!!
Anyways thank you to everyone who called text'ed and called. It was so nice for him and I to have so many people care! Thanks ya'll!!
This is what Maddie does right before dance, a little treat.. usually fruit but today I wasnt ready to battle so a rice krispy was her "healthy" snack.
After dance it was raining so the girls went out to run in the rain for awhile!!


Erica said...

I am so glad he is doing better- pretty scary!!!