Tuesday, January 22, 2013

WCDE Convention/Competition

 This weekend Maddie had a dance competition/convention!  It was the first of the season, we had to head to they Hyatt Regency in Denver on Friday.  Maddie had 2 dances to compete on Friday night and they started at 9 pm, yes pm!  Their tap number was the first one of the night and I was sooo impressed with these 3 kiddos!  They did amazing!  Seriously they looked so good and it was so dang cute!
 Maddie and Austin had to do a quick change for their duo, I have to admit I was really nervous about it, but OH MY GOSH they stole they show, no really it was so amazing!  They had us all on the edge of our seats ewwwing and awwing at how dang cute they were!  When they were done Rich and I were all grins and so was Austins parents!  The parents sitting behind us all told us how great it was and that it had made them cry it was so cute!
 When it came to awards I was hoping for some good scores, and the judges did not disappoint!  The tap got 4 out of 5 stars, and their duo got 5 stars!  AND got high score over all which was quite exciting!  Austins mom and I hugged each other, I think we were both kind of in shock, we knew it was cute but these 2 kids really pulled it together and have a really good dance.  I am so grateful to Maddies teacher who has put a lot of time into this for them and worked a lot with them!
  I wasnt able to get video but I will at the next comp which is next weekend!

 These cadets were just slightly excited!

 After a late night on Friday we had an early morning wake up for classes.  We had to be ready by 7:30 to meet with the team and then off to classes.  The classes on Saturday all went well, Maddie was the only one in her age group so we were kind of loners but Maddie stays so focused it didnt bother her, I was a bit bored!
 This is their tap outfit, Maddie and Jess are pretty cute!
 Team meeting
 All cute and ready to perform!

Proud parents!

 Lunch break

 My cute little hip hopper
 After classes were over at 2 we jetted of to get her hair and make up done.  First was their African Beats dance, which is a really cool dance!  They did really good!  It was different from other dances which made it stand out, the girls all did really good!  It ended up getting 4 stars!

 A little down time with friends!  They pretended they were falling the 15 floors lol

 Award time.. Maddies the tiny image on the right dancing it up!
 After a decent break in between dances it was time to get ready for the production number.  Because they had a lot of time they met and then everyone gave each other massages, it was pretty cute!

 Everyone massages Maddie because she squeals because she is so ticklish!
 Girls giving Austin a massage is icky so this is how Mia decided it works!
 The production number was AWESOME!  It gave me the chills I loved it so much!  It didnt do as good as I thought it would but it still did really good they got 4 stars!
 Day 2 of classes wasnt as good, after a long night... getting to bed at midnight Maddie was exhausted but excited for classes and the teachers seemed to be teaching more for the youngest kids rather than the older so it felt like a little bit of wasted time unfortunately, but she still had a lot of fun!  She had a cute little 6 year old that was a little fascinated by her that followed her everywhere.  She got noticed by a bunch of the teachers which is always good!
 At the end of classes on Sunday there is a end show where the teachers perform and then scholarships are given from auditions that they do during one of the classes.
 Well Maddie won one of the scholarships!!  I was so excited, and it means next year we dont have to pay for this convention!!  YAAA MADDIE!!

 Maddie and Mia both got scholarships!  So proud of my little muffin!  Seeing her work so hard makes you just want to work harder for her to do what she loves, I just get so filled with joy and am so proud if she asked for a pony I would get her one, seriously its that awesome!


Angela said...

I am sorry I didn't get to see the dances! They sounded amazing! Congrats on getting the scholarship and all the awards! Go Maddie! You are such a cute spunky dancing machine!