Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas 2012

 Well the count down for Christmas was an exciting one for everyone!  We had been very busy finishing our basement so I had a late start getting Christmas started but we got it all set in time!
 We spend Christmas eve at a friends and then came home to hurry to bed so that Santa could come!
  We told the kids they could wake up at 6 because we went to bed pretty late but we didnt get a text from the kids until 6:34, it was Maddie asking if it was time!  Usually Kaden is waking us up right on the dot but he is obviously getting older because it took awhile before we got him to wake up!
  Malia was ready to go right away and was so excited!
 All the kids had different sections of the basement which made it hard to keep up but I got some good ones of Maddie once she realized she got a ipad mini!  Malia took awhile to take it all in before she showed her excitement!
 Lots of screams from her, it was pretty cute!

 Kaden was pretty surprised at how awesome Santa had been to him!
 And Maddie is still screaming lol

 We all love the baskeball arcade that Kaden got, there is some good family time there!

 We surprised the kids with this crazy GEM thing.  Its our version of a golf cart to get us to the pool in the summer!  But it was also really fun having it pull us around on a sled because we had fresh snow!!

 Kaden got to drive!  He has loved driving it around the neighborhood.  He will be starting drivers ed in a couple months and he is getting a good start and lots of practice.  I have been making sure to point out laws to him as he and I drive now!
 Malia loves her 4 wheeler!  And then Maddie thought she should get a quick ride too!

 Malia got Maddie with a snow ball!

 We all love a new outfit!

 After a cold ride on the GEM we all needed some hot cocoa!
We had a really fun Christmas.  Other than Maddie being sick with a crazy mean flu during most of the break we had some good family time!


Angela said...

Santa was good to you guys! Looks like alot of fun and great memories were made! I will be on the lookout for Kaden on the streets! :)