Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas Break

 Even though Maddie had a rough break we managed to squeeze in some fun!  She got a cake pop maker that she loved playing with, even though they tasted really weird... she just fed them to Kaden and Malia lol!

 Maddie was supposed to go to a friends for New Years but got sick AGAIN right before she was supposed to leave, and Kaden went to a friends party so the girls went to bed early while we had some friends over for a little New Years Eve party!
So because the girls missed out at night we decided we needed to make up for it the next morning!  Maddie was feeling much better so they had OJ in the special cups I had bought, and we opened some of the poppers!  OO and they LOVED the party tiaras!

 Daddy has been very very busy all month so he took us all out for a fun night of shopping and games at Dave and Busters!
The girls picked out these really cute hats that they both love!

Malia loves chasing me around being a bear!


Angela said...

I love that you celebrated the next day! You were able to get some great pictures in the sunlight as a result! What a couple of cute girls!