Friday, January 4, 2013

24 Days of Fred our Elf on the Shelf

 He drank juice in the fridge
 He knocked the Christmas tree over on Santa
 He taped the girls in their rooms
Played with Maddies tooth brush and toothpaste
 Played dress up
 He got caught trying to ride the deer
 Drew a self portrait on daddys head
 He was very helpful and wrapped a bunch of Christmas presents!
 Got trapped in the light
 Undid the Christmas lights from the cat walk and went repelling
 Took time to hold baby Jesus
 Undid the toilet paper roll
 Wrote the kids a note telling them to keep up the good work!
 Hid in the wreath
 Ate my cookies
 Finally just hung out on the shelf... while eating more candy
 Slepped into the stocking
 Knocked over the dining room chairs
 Roasted some Marshmellows
 Hid in the plant
 This is from the last day, he took off all the cushions...
 On this day he hid with all the pretty decorations
 Last day he also opened all the kitchen drawers and cupboards
 Spelled out Christmas Eve... though it was spelled wrong or kids ate the R
 He also pulled out all the kitchen chairs on the last day and then we found him resting on the couch all comfy in a blanket!
We had a LOT of fun with Fred, and we cant wait to see him next year!