Thursday, January 3, 2013

Malia turned 5!!

 Oh my goodness my baby turned 5!  I can not believe this girl is 5.  What a blessing she is.  She is absolutely hilarious.  The Malia'isms that happen on a daily basis are a blog in of them selves.  She is super duper smart.  Like she could be going into 1st grade instead of Kinder this next year.  But I am happy to have her at the top of her class, so that is how it will stay for now!
She is absolutely gorgeous and knows it.  She is always complementing people just like her sister, shes a good self esteem boost if you ever need one!
Her favorite thing to do still is read book, she loves to swim, loves puzzles, and loves playing outside.  She is always begging to go to the park, even though I usually think of an excuse because I hate them (bad mommy)
  I always think of her birth mom on and around her Birthday, the blessing this woman was strong enough to give me always amazes me.  I hope one day she will be able to know how loved she is how amazing Malia is and I would like to thank her for loving Malia enough to let her go.
 Happy Birthday to my sweet spunky amazing baby girl!

 Strawberry cake... she LOVED this cake!


Angela said...

That is a really yummy looking birthday cake! Happy Birthday to such a sweet little girl!