Thursday, January 3, 2013


 Oh my goodness Halloween was SO FUN this year!!  The girls costumes were awesome!  Malia was Mulan, her costume was so hard to find and I actually ended up finding it on amazon!  Her hair was awesome, and she just loved it!

 She got to wear her costume to dance and the parents got to watch a little bit of what they have been working on.  It was cute!

 Pumpkin carving the night before Halloween was fun!  The kids all did their own pumpkins and did a really good job!  The girls were ewwing the whole time, it was pretty cute!

 Look we even got a pic of Kaden!

 Maddies costume was made by ME!  It was so dang cute, I bought the hat through Etsy though and I adore it!  Her hair and make up just really made the whole thing!  The photo shoot with her before school was so fun, she was very serious in the photos and it really made it!

 I cant even tell you how much I love these photos!  And seeing her a happy Mad Hatter was so dang fun!

 Malias class had a party, they did food and a parade through the school  This is her twin Maleah!

 Then we went to Maddies class to help with cupcakes and the parade!

 Maddie had dance so we had a late start to our trick or treating but they made a pretty good haul!


Angela said...

I never got to see Malia in person, but it looks amazing! I really loved Maddie's too when I saw her! Great job on the costume and the pictures!