Tuesday, January 22, 2013

15th Anniversary

Rich and I celebrated our 15th anniversary last week!  That is a horrible photo, I look huge but its the only photo we did that day so I have to use it.
Anyways 15 years and 1/2 my life and I am still a very happy lucky girl!  I cant say enough how great it is to have a supportive hard working husband who really does just about anything I need or want him to do!  He is such a good dad and works so hard to support them in all they want to do and accomplish.  Having a good man is not something I knew growing up and I feel very lucky that I was able to find one, I thank God for putting him in my life!
WOOHOO 15 years and we still really like each other, we are friends and we love each other.. thats pretty awesome!


Angela said...

You guys are so cute! I like the picture! If anyone looks huge next to someone, it is when I am standing by you my little cupcake! :) but seriously, congrats to 15 years! You are a great couple!

Erica said...

I sure love you guys!!! Congrats on 15 great years. Hope there are 50 more to come!!!