Friday, January 4, 2013

Phone photo dump

 Us girls being silly at the park while Kaden and Rich play football!

 We spent a LOT of time at Home Depot while we were finishing the basement, the guys at Home Depot were so charmed by Malia that they got her an apron!  It was pretty cute!
 Malia's "serious" face after Maddie did her make up lol!  They were happy but I believe they were acting like serious indians... whatever that means!
 A day at the mall ended us up with JB... not really but Maddie LOVES JB and everyone time she sees this she walks by and kisses it... leaving Kaden to tell her to knock it off lol
 Kaden LOVES his cats!  And they love him!

This was Maddie getting ready for dance.. a little inapporpriate so we turned it around the right way!
 Malia and Maddie both got a hair cut over Christmas break but Malias was impressive.
 Poor Maddie was so sick and ended up getting the same flu 3 times over break, it was not fun!
 During break Maddie and Austin got together to practice their dance that they are preparring for competition!
 Kaden enjoyed time to sleep in over the break.. and he will kill me if he sees this photo!