Thursday, January 3, 2013

Away game

 This was the furthest away game Kaden had, it took an hour to get there, and it was a little bit shady of an area, and all of us parents were a little scared and warned not to make to much noise.  We were very close to a win but had 2 touch downs called back for really rediculous calls like hurdling because one of our boys jumped over another boy on the ground to get the TD.  It was horrible but we walked about so that was good!
 This game Kaden got to be the ball holder person for the field goal kick, he was pretty excited and did a really good job to make sure the laces were OUT! lol
He also had a really good defensive game.  At one point he jumped and knocked a boy out of bounds that had the ball and the hit was so hard the boy went flying under a bench that was on the side lines, Kaden rushed to the boy and lifted the bench off of him.  Kaden was aftraid he was hurt, all of the parents were talking about what a good kid he is!