Friday, January 4, 2013


 Well it took way longer than it was supposed to and we had to fire our contractor but it is finished and we love it!
 I wont rehash all the annoying details, or maybe I will just a few!  He spit chew all over the basement floor, he brought his dog in our home and it peed all over the carpet on the stairs, he brought his girlfriend and then just didnt seem to know what he was doing.  When he was finishing the basement floor he was using the wrong product which led to days of him redoing it and breaking the slate, we then finally fired him, I pulled up the floor and redid it MYSELF with the right product and it looks awesome!
 These pics are from what the contractor was doing, the slate was so uneven and crooked.

 And the finished product!

 I have wanted a chevron wall forever!


Erica said...

Even with all the mess- your basement turned out beautifully!! LOVE it!!

Melissa said...

Well, the contractor sounds awful, but the basement looks great. I am in love with the chevron wall and the pretty white shower curtain.