Thursday, January 3, 2013

My Pride and Joy

 I dont know if everyone loves their family as much as I do but I freaking LOVE my family!  I adore my kids with my every being, and I am a very lucky lucky girl to have an amazing husband!
  We needed pics for our Christmas cards this year so we set out to this amazing set of stairs that I used for an earlier photoshoot with Maddies dance team and took some quick photos!
  A few shots into it Malia let us know she needed to go potty, she hers are pretty good considering she had to go really bad the whole time lol!!
  I will just say that I have a gorgeous family and I adore every single one of them so dang much!
 Love the inbetween shots!

 Thankful for my heels so I dont look to short next to this kid!

 Gorgeous girlie!

 Dont ever say this girl doesnt have sass because she has loads full and I love it!  And man is she cute!

 My handsome boy who was a good boy and let me get some good shots of him finally!!

 And my super handsome hubby!

 Dang my boys are cute!


Angela said...

I just love all of your family pictures! You do such a great job of coloring, lighting and it doesn't hurt that your family is so dang cute!