Thursday, January 3, 2013


 Now that Kaden is a big time high schooler there are new things to participate in!  Like Home Coming!!  WOOT!
Him and his friends weren't really into Homecomming, Im not sure why, none of them took dates and most of them (including Kaden) didnt even decide to go until the last minute!
The parade was fun, we of course were surprised to see Kaden at the front of the parade escorting the police car making sure no one ran in the road!

 He cleans up real nice!  Hes a cute boy but hates the camera!

 Everyone gathered at one of his friends homes and they all took group pics, there was only 1 boy and 1 girl with an actual date, it was pretty funny!

 Getting use to the style of girls dresses is going to be hard for me!  But it is a good looking group of kids!  Kaden had a blast at the dance, he danced the whole time... with girls!  And then went to an after party for a little while when the dance was over.  It was a good night!