Sunday, April 3, 2011


LOVE that we got rain today and then hail and then snow!! I know it will be gone right away so it isnt a big deal.. and what is awaiting us under that snow is super exciting! We did a lot of yard work and uncovered some GREEN!!! I was so inspired I did green sparkle toes on myself during conference woohoo! This back yard is always a ton of work, especially getting it ready after winter but it has always been my favorite part of this house. The kids were great helpers while I cute bushes back and Rich used the sucker thingy to suck out all the millions of dead leaves and whatever else found its way into the rocks and bushes over the last few months. It was pretty windy but we were loving being outside! We came in for conference and had a really nice relaxing Sunday watching conference! There were some great reminders, some things I really needed to hear and some things that made me laugh, I love an Apostle with a sense of humor! We also had a video chat with Rich's mom today, something weve been talking about for a long time but finally did it, and the kids were very excited! While the weather was changing I was really craving my moms baked beans... I need the recipe if anyone out there knows how to get it.. wink wink! We had artichokes for dinner.. I was pretty excited to see them on sale 10 for $10 this weekend and boy was it good! I shared mine with Malia, but I should have just gave her the whole thing. She was in such a hurry and I guess a race with me that she was breathing heavy lol! She gobbled it up and is a pro at those leaves. Kaden and Maddie love them too, but Rich is a sissy and says they are a waste of time.. he doesnt know what he is missing! So it was a great end to a crappy week and Im not quite ready for the crazy afternoons of running kids everywhere to begin. We have a lot going on right now and I get pretty overwhelmed just thinking about how the heck we are going to juggle everything for the next couple of months. Thank goodness there is only 7 weeks of school left because I am soo ready for a long break! Here are the kids waiting to video chat with Grandma.. Kaden thought Lucy needed to be involved.. did she look like she was having fun?

And then Malia went out to taste some snow... after she got it in her mouth she promptly spit it out lol!


alison said...

next time you do artichoke i will send jeff over. :)

Sharon said...

Great pics! The artichokes sound so yummy. They are definitely worth all of the work! Your yard sounds like ours. It's beautiful when at its' fullest potential, but oh so much work. Our landscaping puts on an amazing Spring show. I see the buds on everything now. Can't wait!

Becki said...

I haven't seen artichokes under $3.50 a piece for so long. Guess I should come out and eat them there .... hhhmmmm :) I have yet to hear of a man that will eat artichokes. They all say that it's a waste of time! haha Too bad for them.