Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Update

As usually and repetitive, it was a busy week followed up by a busy day! Maddie had dress rehearsal today. It started at 9 so I dropped her off so I could run to church (mommies werent allowed to stay) and then left church early. After they were done, all the moms had fun plans for our little Rising Stars! We took them to a paint place where they picked their of crafts to paint! We were excited to get the girls together so they could just be silly and hang out and get to know each other better while having a blast! It was also really fun for us moms to get to know each other better. I didnt know a couple of them very well but after chatting for a few hours I really enjoy all of them!! They are all super sweet... no crazy dance moms in our bunch!
The girls had a blast and we were excited to give them a few good luck gifts for their upcoming comp season!
Malia wore this outfit yesterday but put it back on when she got home from church I guess.. she looks like a 80's baby.. all she needs is some puffy bangs! But I really love the pants!
Kaden has been working on a school project.. this is Ares, God of War (incase you couldnt tell)

This charm has all sorts of good luck for her to keep on her bag! She also got some good luck socks, necklace and a dance band!

These silly girls get along so well!