Wednesday, January 4, 2012

1002 posts! Last day of Winter Break!

Oh last day of break, we were so sad to see you come already! Our break ended up being really nice and pretty relaxing! But we knew we had to do something fun with the kids for the last day of break. We got up early so we could go have a yummy breakfast at CrackerBarrel.. dont judge, I know we are under elderly age but their pancakes are the BEST!!
After indulging in some yumminess we told the kids we were coming home but we drove into Denver and surprised them when we walked up to the Denver Aquarium! It has been a really long time since we had been there and they were excited!
We took our time looking at each section. Malia was speachless.. not sure if it was excitement of concern! She is always good about holding our hands but she kept trying to run ahead to the next one she kept saying!
I am always amazed at how ugly fish are.. seriously and some people eat these things.. barf!
But I am always amazed at how beautiful they are also.. some of the colors are so incredible you just have to stare because it looks fake!
Kadens favorites have always been the turtles.. this little guy was pretty cute, he had places to go!YUCK!Kaden is so good about letting me take pictures of him...I think the funnest section was the otters.. they had just been fed and gave us quite the show!I kept trying to get pictures of Malia but the all ended up like this because she couldnt give me 2 seconds to take a picture..So freaky!Thats a huge fish people!My favorite as a kid!Malia thought the bubble was pretty neat!And pretty sure the bird freaked her out!Awww kissing turtles!Maddie was so freaked out about the sharks! They turned on Jaws music and she kept looking around saying, whats that whats that! They also play oceanic music throughout and she kept getting scared lolMy favorite to watch were the Jelly Fish.. they are so strange but so neat!

When you get to the end there is a pool of manta rays (I thought of you and Rory Melissa!!) And you can pet them and feed them, so we did! Rich tried it first!

I think this is about as far as Maddie got!And while Maddie was trying to feed one, it splashed and did this to Malia....OMG I was laughing! She just sat and spit! After I wiped her down she was still willing to do the feeding!Still willing...Trying, but getting nervous...And now she started screaming and crying lol! I mean aww poor thing!! She did recover very quickly after saying she DID NOT LIKE THAT AT ALL!Kaden gave it a go too! And you better believe I wasnt willing to smell like fish for the rest of the day!Maddie was so excited to see the octopus and the dang thing was squished in a ball hiding!I love having the kids home, I love the down time and non schedules, I love wearing work out clothes everyday, I love hearing my kids get bored enough that they want to play with each a lot! I am bummed that school is back in session but it is always so nice to be back on a schedule.. even if its a super busy one! Maddie and Malia were both so excited to get back to school and dance and Kaden was excited to see his friends of course! I have to admit that only having to entertain Malia today was very nice and tomorrow she will have school and I might just have to veg on the couch the whole 2 hours!


Angela said...

Wow! You got some great pictures! That is such a cute pic of Malia when she got splashed! That girl is crazy cute! What a fun mom you are to take your kids there!

Erica said...

Your pictures are amazing!! I love that you guys did that. We haven't ever taken the kids there. We kept hearing it wasn't worth the money- but your trip looks like it was. By the way- we are a Cracker Barrel loving family here. (In fact it was Spencer's request for his birthday dinner.) :)