Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday Update

Its that time of year where the weeks fly bye and at the end of the week I wonder how we got everyone to there destinations, school work done, and kept our sanity!
Dance is keeping Maddie very busy as they prepare for upcoming competitions, conventions and even a fashion show!
Kaden has baseball practice a few times a night along with some weight lifting after school when our schedules allow it. It seems like there are numerous things on the calendar every day and when I lay down to sleep I have to do some mathematical equations to figure out how to fit it all in! But I love seeing the kids happy doing all the things they love and Malia loves her dance classes too. We are wanting to get her going on swim lessons.. as soon as these next couple of months slow down!

Today Maddie had hair and makeup lessons and rehearsal at her studio so we missed church but Rich took Malia and Kaden. When we all were home together the kids enjoyed some outside time but it got pretty chilly so Malia came in for some cuddle time! She has been doing a little more cuddling with me lately and I cherish the moments!


Angela said...

Love that little snuggling picture of Malia! So sweet! Her eyes are just gorgeous! I love the cool Sunday nights we are having too. Perfect kind of weather. :)