Friday, January 13, 2012


Yesterday was an eventful day for my poor brave Maddie Paddie! I was at the dentist with Kaden when I got a call on my cell and immediately I recognized it as a school number and my heart sunk. It was the nurse letting me know that a boy in her class had rubbed peanut butter on her.. she was ok and wanted to know if I wanted her to administer benadryl. YES give her the benadryl and I quickly explained to the dental staff why I was leaving and I raced to the school in a panic. When I walked in the nurses station Maddie was sitting on the bed, calmly sucking down the benadryl. I asked her if she was ok and the nurse came over from talking to principal to talk with me. After asking Maddie what happened and hearing from the nurse that the principal was talking with the student Maddie and I left so she could change her clothes and wash... and get back to Kaden!
So this boy, who sounds like gets in trouble frequently snuck in a peanut butter snack (for the second time this week), which is banned in her class room and went and rubbed the peanut butter on Maddie, her desk and then the other boy in her class that is also allergic to peanuts. GASP!! I cant even imagine a 3rd grader having that kind of ill intent.. I mean that is scary!
So Maddie luckily only had it on her clothes and is fine, she came home and napped and was a little worried about going back today and maybe having the boy mad or mean to her but she went and had a good day.. she was actually worried about him being in trouble and as I said some maybe not so nice things about this boy she scolded me, yes I am luckily raising a daughter who is way better and sweeter than I!
This boy got written up, lost recess privilege and his parents were called (though didnt seem to concerned).
I have decided that after 4 times of her having to come home in the last 2 years over coming into contact with peanuts that I need to be an advocate for her and figure out how to make the school a safer place for her and the other students. I know this is going to take a lot of time and research but I have to make my daughter safe. I would be happy to have any help with this!
I think my biggest obstacle will be parents.. parents who make comments saying her allergy is her problem and they should be able to eat whatever they want. Like a PB&J sandwich is so much more important than my daughters life. Really the things I have read regarding this is sickening! Just a few days ago a 7 year old girl died after being given a peanut at school. Yes people this is serious!I mean look at this sweet girl! This is her new Harajuku minil outfit from Target.. she said she feels like Miss America in it.. I just think she looks adorable!
And my lovely husband who cant handle having a gift for me early gave me my anniversary gift early!! A new LENS!!! Im so excited, I got it after school and snapped a few pics of Maddie out in the cold, Im pretty impressed with what I got that quickly.. in the cold.. without really fixing all my settings!! YAAA for new options!


alison said...

Well, count us in support of your movement. Even though my kids aren't allergic (that I know of) I don't want them endangering anyone else! A lunch isn't worth that.

Sharon said...

What's his name? I'll send L there to kick his a*s! OMG. This is super serious and that boy needs to be taught just how dangerous that was. His parents and the SCHOOL need to educate him better on peanut allergies. Maybe the school should have an assembly for the children and then also a meeting for the parents to reiterate the importance of this. Good luck and keep us posted!

Angela said...

If you want to make a change to make your daughter's life better, then I am for that 100%! I wish I could find a way to stop some of the things that my kids have to deal with too. What it comes down to is bullying and treating others respectfully no matter what their circumstances. I am sorry that happened to Maddie!

Melissa said...

Yikes! I sure hope that his parents start teaching him how serious allergies are and how his actions have serious consequences!

And her outfit is TDF!