Thursday, January 5, 2012

Maddies testimony of Dance

Maddie had to write about what she wants to be when she grows up, what college she would like to go to and why. After days of her writing down ideas and working on it she finally finished today! I am really proud of her.. and Im not gonna lie I had to help her a little, getting things in a good order but she read and watched videos and made 2 pages of notes and what she wanted to say, I was so proud of her ideas and thoughts!

What interests you today that might make a great career for you in the future? Why?
My favorite thing to do is dance! I love to dance everyday and I think it would make a great career and job. I think if I was a dance teacher I would love going to work everyday. I dont think I would ever get bored and I would be able to stay healthy. Teaching dance would be so fun and teaching kids how to love dance would make me feel so good and happy.

2. What would you want to study in college to prepare for this career? Please identify a college or colleges that you think would be especially good to help you prepare for this career.
I would like to go to Jilliard, a college that focuses on the arts. I think it would be a good school for me and exciting to live in New York! Julliard dance division is a four year undergraduate program getting a bachelor of fine arts degree. I would get really good dance lessons and twenty four credits for the Liberal Arts. I think I would love going to Jilliard College because they really help you learn to be strong and believe in yourself.
Julliard will help me learn how apply and get long lasting jobs that will help my career. I would love being able to dance all of the time, to have really good teachers and be in major dance productions. After learning from some of the worlds best teachers and getting really good dance jobs, I think it would make me a really good teacher too.
I think my experience at Julliard and having good dance jobs would help me to know how to teach kids to love dance, to love being healthy and how to be good dancers and maybe really good teachers too.
I cant wait to go to a really amazing dance school so that I can be happy doing what I love, which is dancing and hopefully help other kids to be happy dancing too.

Though I never want her to be that far away from home (and Rich says we will move to NY if we had to) I really hope her love and passion for dance stick with her, or if it changes to something new I just always hope that no matter what she loves that she will go for it, I think this girl is amazing, I think she is kind and will be someone that other girls will look up to because of her sweet personality and how outgoing and comfortable she is. I want the world for this girl and I hope she gets it!!