Thursday, January 26, 2012

Happy Korean New Year

This week was Seollal or the Korean New Year! They dress up and get together with family and have a big celebration. They dont dress up in their Hanboks as much as they use to but some families still do. Ive wanted to have a session with Malia in her Hanbok for a long time but always forget or put it off and now over 3 years after she first wore it for her 1st Birthday party we finally did it! After seeing Rory's photos I knew I just needed to get it done.
Problem is that its not exactly pretty outside right now and most days are to cold!! But we had a break in the weather yesterday so we pulled it out and rushed to the park. It wasnt as shady or pretty as I was hoping but we had fun and I really love a few of these shots.. and some of them just crack me up!

She kept putting her arms out like this.. I think she thought those sleeves were wings!

LOVE her eyes

And this is what you get if you try to make her look and smile ha!

Gotta love her mischievous grin!

She was really loved the wind! And I was loving her giggle!

Two of my faves!

So hard to look towards the sun mom!


Angela said...

What an awesome mom you are too get such fun pictures of your sweet little girl in her hanboks! She looks amazing and so happy!

Melissa said...

I think you were able to get some beautiful shots!

Sharon said...

She is way too cute!!!!!!!