Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday Update

Ya, thats right we are Tebowers!! I decided that after a very sad non picture non blogging year last year, I needed a new goal to keep me on track. I was so sad at the end of the year to realize I had taken about a 1/4 of the photos and blogged about a 1/4 that I had the previous year of my 365 challenge.
I also quit doing the IHF challenges and though I dont think I will participate every week because sometimes I just dont have the appropriate pic to go with the theme I want to try really hard to push myself to get amazing photos for the challenges.
So I am going to at least get 1 pic of each kid and blog at least every Sunday for an update! This is an easy goal.. or should be, so bring it on 2012!
This first week of the new year was a good one. The kids got back into school and the busy-ness began!

Little Miss Sass had a good week, she was so happy to get back to class and seemed less wore out with Maddie and Kaden at school. She hasnt been taking naps for quite awhile now but she ended up taking one almost everyday for the last week of break! But now shes back to her no napping chipper self.

This is Kaden tonight.. DURING the Broncos game. He was pretty tuckered out after a long night of partying with friends. We had to pick him up early from his friends for church and he fell asleep during church and then during the game haha!
Maddie was so excited to see her friends and teachers at both school and dance. Her dance company is preparing for all of her upcoming competitions which start the first week next month, so we are doing a lot of prep and rehearsals for that. Today she was able to see and try on 2 of her costumes and they are so cute, her favorite was the dress for Tap! I cant wait to see it put all together on stage, she has been working so hard on these dances and is so excited to be on stage!


Melissa said...

We love Tebow too!