Saturday, January 21, 2012

Happy 14th to us!!

Fourteen years is almost half my life, so I can happily say that for half of my life I have been married to the best husband!! On Monday we celebrated 14 years of marriage, which for both of us is quite the feat because we both grew up in broken marriages and to have a happy, successful marriage took a lot of beating of odds.. and so to those odds I say SUCK IT!! HA
In 14 years we have fought hard for all 3 of our kids, Kaden was a turd and tried to come early many times and was a horrible pregnancy, I was warned not to ever get pregnant again but after really feeling like it would be ok and the God had given us the ok after looking into adoption Maddie was brought to us and then Malia was another gift from God where we literally had to fight with blood sweat and tears to bring her home.
We have laughed till we cried and cried till we laughed, we have fought just enough to let us know we are worth the fight. We have lived in 2 apartments and 4 homes. We have enough memories to keep us wanting to create more. I love this man with all that I have and I believe he feels the same.
I complain over small things and feel quite small when hearing what other women have to deal with when it comes to their hubbys. I know I am one lucky girl, I have a husband who makes sure he gets home in time for me to go to my dance or work out classes, he was always good about getting up with babies and was a diaper changing champ. He cleans the kitchen and does laundry when I need a little extra help. He spoils me rotten and has stuck with me through illness which to me was quite a big deal, he lets me squeeze his arm when he gives me my shots and doesnt even budge. And he is a good daddy to our babies. He sings to the girls at bed time and is the dad that says I love to you to our son and doesnt laugh if he needs to cry.
My friends, I hit the jack pot with my husband!!! I love you Rich, thanks for being all that I never knew I wanted!

Case in point, he spoiled me rotten, he got me this amazing camera/purse bag and I am in love with it! He also got me a new lens and a polar watch so that I can work out more efficiently!