Sunday, February 5, 2012

Dance weekend baby!!

My dancing princess had her first competition of the season this weekend! And well she killed it!! Her team did amazing, especially for it being their first as a team and a first for a few of the girls anyways!! At this point after 3 years of comps I kinda feel like we have it down but we really dont. I still get super nervous and geeze Maddie is still only 8 with a LOT of dance year ahead of her! But compared to some of the other first time moms I did feel pretty put together and not nearly as nervous as they were so that was nice!! Its always nice to have a few under your belt!!
After supporting her teammates Friday night we had a early wake up call on Saturday. I got Maddie up at 5:15 because we had a start time of 7 to meet with her teacher. She of course popped up ready to go talking a million miles an hour because she was so excited!!!
Their jazz number was first up and they were pumped, non of the girls seemed to nervous and I could tell that Maddie was just buzzing with excitement! They went out and did such a good job, it was one of the best runs Ive seen them do. They were all smiles after their first dance and we rushed to get them ready for their Tap number. They did SO GOOD!!! After their 2 dances we had a long wait to get to the award ceremony. When it came time for awards they were excited, its a long confusing process so I dont even remember all the rewards they got but the biggy was BEST OVERALL TAP!!! Thats a big deal, they were competing at the National level which put them with girls that competed 10+ dances which means they are spending a LOT of time dancing and we beat them ha! Just kidding just kidding! Anyways I know they also got a high gold and then they tied themselves with both dances for 6th place for all dances in their division which was also really good!
I know all of us were all super proud of our girls. We then spend the rest of the day supporting the older girls, and they did awesome too. We got home at 8, so it was a very long day of clapping cheering and loud music. After church we went back today to finish supporting the older girls in the rest of their dances and they killed it today. There are 2 dances that make me cry every time I see them.
LOVE watching my girl dance, but most of all I love seeing how happy it makes her. She LOVES IT so so much and it just completes her. While walking around we got a lot of compliments from other people and dancers which is nice. Its a long season ahead but I cant wait!!

Some craziness and fun before awards are announced.. shes not shy my friends!

My girl.. I am a proud momma!

Maddie wasnt shy about going up to accept their awards!

My brat son that wouldnt look up from the game to give me a smile!

Shes way into the superbowl!


Liberally Applied said...
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Stepping on Legos said...

I was able to catch the tail end and awards online and didn't even realize Maddie was there! Next time they are streamed let me know her numbers so I can follow! So awesome that they did so well their first run out there!

Erica said...

Good job Maddie!! So fun to see all your hard work paid off. I can't wait to see what kind of dancer you are going to be in only a few short years. Keep it up girl!!

Melissa said...

Hurray for Maddie - that looks like so much fun!

And, yes, Addison came home last week on Tuesday. :)