Sunday, February 12, 2012


Well I dont think you can make this girl happier.. strawberries AND chocolate, ya that makes this girl happy!

Kaden is doing so good! He started out the school year and had a great first term, made the honor roll and was keeping us happy. But as in previous years his 2nd term wasnt as good and he got himself into a little trouble because he wasnt handing in assignments.. that he had DONE! So we found out the school has an App that updates us everytime a grade is updated. Ya its the best thing EVER! He wasnt to happy about us being constantly on his case every time he didnt get a perfect score on an assignment or a poor grade on a quiz or test but he all of a sudden started doing so much better on everything! He now has on 2 B's to get up to A's and he will have straight A's.. that would be a first for him! He even has 2 A+'s woohoo! I think he even is happy with himself seeing what a little extra work and paying attention can do. We are so happy with him and Im really thinking this app is the best thing EVER!!Maddie got a little bug this week and had to spend 2 days home. She was really bummed to have to stay home.. as was I! But we were mostly worried about her maybe having to miss her performance that was on Friday, I was soo relieved when she woke up full of energy and smiles of Friday! And she loved the whole experience!