Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Duper Bowl

We or mostly the boys really love football, but come Superbowl we all get into it. This year we watched it over at the Zims and had a great time. We started out the day by getting ready for church and I didnt have time to paint Maddies nails like I promised so she got dad to do it. Well Malia wanted in on that action to and kinda took over. It was pretty cute... and got pretty messy! Shes a girlie girl too!
While we were at the Zims Malia was lovin on Caleb the whole time... got him to feed and hold her and really wanted nothing to do with us.... Im pretty sure he was sneaking her treats! I mostly got photos of sweet Jude, he was chillin on the floor and being such a cutie. Lately his vocab has taken off and was demonstrating by shooting us and saying DANG...or bang lol it was super cute!!
We were a bit sad that The Cardinals lost... Im an underdog kinda gal but we had a great time!


Jolayne said...

I love how you always keep current on your blog. Your photos are great.