Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A day off

The kids had the day off for Presidents Day yesterday so Maddie and I decided to go get some pampering! Every time we are near our nail place she asks if we can run in so we took advantage of the nice weather. Maddie got a mani pedi and I got some nails put on! I havent gotten my nails done for at least 3 years and they dont usually stay on very long, I pick them off but I love them so Im going to try to keep them on. Anna (the nail lady) told Maddie to remind me every day not to pick at them lol! Madison absolutely loves to be pampered and just beams the whole time and charms everyone. She picked out a very pretty coral color and got some flowers on her toes

The weather was beautiful so we spent a LOT of time outside, especially Maddie and Kaden. When I took Malia out she was again nervous about walking on that crunchy dead grass at first but after some hand holding and walking around she soon let go and took off and was running around. She found Kadens ball and loved carrying it around and spotted her shadow and wasnt to sure about it but soon forgot it and started playing with the kids under the trampoline. I love relaxed days like these where the kids are all good and can get energy burned outside. Malia was even in a pretty good mood all day which was so nice!

We then had the Zimmermans over for FHE and dinner and had lots of fun! Little Jude and Malia play pretty cute together and I think she scares him a little bit with her forced hugs and backing up to sit on his lap but they play pretty cute together! And all the older kids spent most the time outside playing b-ball and torturing the neighbors cat! It was a great day and even makes me (dare I say) look forward to summer!


Karen said...

When I did the nail's, instead of getting the tips put on, I would grow my own nails out for a week and then had an overlay. I found I did not pick at the this way.
Maddie's nail's look great!

Melissa said...

Malia in that pink dress is ADORABLE! And how cute was Maddie getting her nails done! I can't wait until Rory is old enough to do that!

Norah said...

That is such a great idea for bonding BTW. I think I am going to take Marissa for a manicure in the next month or so. Mother and daughter bonding. I have not had my nails done is oh 10+ years!!!! I play piano, so at least I have a good excuse!