Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sickness and stairs.. a hair growing avent

This has been a long week for us. Maddie has had the flu, it started out seeming like it was nothing and then quickly we realized the girl was SICK, its always so sad seeing Maddie sick, she gets hit pretty hard and looks so sweetly pathetic. She spent all of Monday sleeping on the couch and not getting much sleep and on Tuesday was thankfully feeling better and when she asked for 4 pieces of toast I was ecstatic, knowing that she was on the mend. It always takes her a few days to get her energy back up and after not eating for so long and feeling so tired and icky she looked miserable. She had really dark circles under her eyes and it just broke our hearts. She is almost 100% today and even was bugging Kaden which is always a good sign!! So after missing all week of school she is excited to get back tomorrow... and I am to, actually I love having her around so Im gonna miss her.

Finally feeling better and eating some food.
This was on Monday and this is how I found her most the day... sleeping.

Now miss Malia has been a busy ornery girl this week too. She is getting her last 2 teeth (at least for awhile) and she sure is MAD about it! Pretty much whiny all day, which is very tiring especially while Maddie has been sick too. And today she started getting another runny nose.. Im hoping its a part of teething and not another cold.
Even though shes been a mad baby she has been adventurous, Ive been letting her try out the stairs more and more. She is pretty slow but hasnt tumbled yet. When Kaden sees me letting her on the stairs he kinda freaks and goes into protective mode. Love it!! He says "mom are you really letting her do it alone?" Yep I say... "what if she falls?" well Kaden babies fall and they learn, its part of growing up (not that Im planning on just letting her fall!) So while I was letting her go higher and higher he got more and more nervous and finally just couldnt handle it and grabbed her LOL so sweet!

When she sees the gate open she runs to it but then is very hesitant so we'll see how it goes. Im hoping to get rid of the gates soon! Shes very fast and good with going down the stairs and as long as Kaden doesnt stop her every time I think she'll be a pro in no time. She feels pretty proud of herself when shes done and claps when she gets to the bottom.
So here we have a before and after shot of Malias hair. When she got here I could tell that her hair had been getting cut, its pretty uneven and was cut pretty short on top and in front. I can not believe how quickly her hair has grown though... look at that its way past her eyes now and in the back its getting so long too! I just LOVE it and keep trying more and more stuff with it!
You gotta click on this photo to really see the difference and all that hair in the back!


tamiz said...

she's gonna have longer hair than Maddie by the time she's 2! Love that Kaden is so protective. When he's a Dad he'll be "Kautious Kaden"!

Sherri said...

Poor Maddie! That is just awful when they are sick and you are helpless.