Sunday, February 22, 2009

My book worm

Malia adores books she reads them for 30 minutes at a time and if she catches anyone sitting on the floor she will find a book and come back up in your lap and have you read to her for as long as you can handle the hard floor. I love that she loves books and I also love the one on one time I get by reading her books and watching the joy she gets from learning. She has always caught on so quickly to things and Im hoping this love of books will help her in her learning ABC's and 123's and all that other stuff! Tonight after she suffered though watching us play fish it was her turn for some fun so she grabbed her new book and plopped in my lap BUT it was soon time for bed and she was not pleased at all with me and sat and cried book book book which sounds like bu bu bu! So cute and so sad all at the same time!

This is how it starts she goes to her toy box and starts grabbing books
Plops down and we start to read... notice the curl LOVE IT!

She loves to point and touch
and tries to copy the names and words
She gets pretty serious
After about 15 minutes of the same book my butt was numb and it was time for bed
which then led to her meltdown so we read one more time and then put it down again where she really got mad!Love you little book worm!! Keep up the good work and all that learning your doing!


tamiz said...

I seriously can't believe she kept that headband in all day! That was impressive!

Melissa said...

Ahhhh! The headband and curl are PRECIOUS!

Haley L said...

I think I need to donate some books to her cause. I will Lysol them first, of course. ;)

Norah said...

Awww, so dang cute! My L's head is so misshapen she can't wear a headband. *Sniff Sniff*