Thursday, February 12, 2009

A day in the life...

of Maddie!
Maddie had a friend over today, miss Eleanor who is just sweet as can be. They played so sweet together and I hardly heard or saw them. We made and decorated cupcakes, they jumped outside and walked their "babies" in strollers. I love how easily Maddie is able to make friends. When I listen to her conversations with her friends she seems to be able to go with whatever but also isnt afraid to be a leader without being pushy. I love that she is so confident that she doesnt have to compete. I love that she has sweet little friends now because I know that all to soon it will be a whole lot of drama. O goodness I am so not ready for those tears. I will try to enjoy as much of these type of play dates as I can!!
They were having a hard time jumping at the same pace
Im so bummed that her belt ended up in her face... otherwise I love this shot

Maddie gets pretty dang brave on the tramp I love her craziness... I love that Eleanor is in the shot underneath, it was a cool shot
More crazy air poses
My goofy girl, just love that face!
They were catching some good air
They were sampling and eating at the same time and giggling all the while... gotta love those dimples!
Working very hard
This morning Maddie wanted to wear a hat but then decided she didnt like the poofs on top.. bye then I had it in my head how to do her hair for her hat day and thought she looked adorable... well she was about in tears thinking she looked dumb and me being the awesome mom I am made her wear it anyways... it then accurred to me how my mom made me wear HORRIBLE hair do's and awful clothing thinking it was "in" when it sooo wasnt, so I am going to try to be more aware of this and not force her to wear something she doesnt feel amazing in!!
She ended up liking the hat BTW and got pretty posey with me feeling pretty hot!


Tirsa said...

Great pics. You must be having fun with your new camera. And what cute kiddos you have to take pictures of!