Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Friends... the stuffed kind

This morning I was watching Malia... every morning she sneaks in Maddies room to find her white Hannah Montana bear and giggles with delight when she finds it. Well this morning she grabbed out a 2nd friend today and was playing in the hallway with them. She then grabbed lil hannah and sat her on the stairs and sat down next to her and had a convo, then she spotted the cheeta kitty and looked around like OO theres room for you too and went and grabbed her and brought her along. I was cracking up and dying that I didnt have my camera so I sent Maddie for it hoping Malia wouldnt get distracted. Well she just kept up her little play date with her 2 furry friends and I was just so excited... I was a stuffed animal freak and couldnt wait to have a little girl to pass on my love of stuffed animals (truly I thought they were my best friends) well Maddie likes making them at build a bear but after that she doesnt care to much for them. I am so dang happy that it seems that Malia just loves them!!! YEAH a stuffed animal buddy.

Having a good conversation with her friends

After Malia sat on the kitty Maddie decided to show her how to ride them (Sorry these 2 pics are out of order)

And this is Malia doing her back it up move to sit on the kitties lap

Soo happy, she just loves carrying them around all morning

Covering her friend with a blanket... she laughed after covering her face... I think she was playing peak-a-boo.. it was so stinking cute to watch her