Sunday, February 15, 2009

My little Valentine's

We as always keep Valentines about the kids though Rich did step up his game and got our FAV sitter and we went out on a date on Friday night. I has almost been a year since just he and I went out by ourselves and it was really nice. We went out to a movie and had a great time!
Saturday morning we woke up early to go to breakfast at Cracker Barrel (they have the best pancakes). The kids were pretty excited about that. But before we left they found their Valentines gifts on the couch... nothing big at all just some fun little things. I love any Holiday where there is an excuse to have fun and spoil the kids and for me Valentines isnt about Rich and I cuz we are married and over all that stuff but I love having fun with the kids!

Kaden has been wanting one of these hats for awhile and so we finally found him a boy one.. he has barely taken it off and Im betting he tried to sleep with it on.
Maddie went to her friend Kinleys b-day party and was gone most the day and had a BLAST you can tell by the face paint that she was in heaven!

OMG I was soo freaking happy to capture her big smile on camera, she usually just gives me her serious face. She has been pretty cranky lately and was just down right pissy yesterday so when I caught her in a good mood I was scared to temp fate by pulling out the camera but she hammed it up for me GOODNESS she is so dang cute!!

Malia and Maddie got these huge stuffed animals and Malia pulled them both into the corner, grabbed her blanket and snuggled in, as soon as she saw the camera she quick snuggling.
Maddie and Kaden got some silly putty and Malia wanted in on that action

She kept trying to carry around her Love Bug but it was a bit to big so she kept tripping. And again I caught her smile and I love it!
Maddie loves hers and uses it as a body pillow
Kaden used his silly putty to make a mustache
Here are some photos that I didnt take time to edit and also from this morning.. Maddie was dancing to some primary songs and Malia joining her.. you have to look at Malias feet to see her dance moves but its pretty dang cute, she imitates or tries to imitate Maddies moves!


Becki said...

V-day looks like a lot of fun at your house!!!! Those stuffed animals remind me of some pretty big ones you had too.