Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Becki!

Today is my sweet sisters B-day! I had to give her a shout out even though it will embarrass her!
So here it goes. I dont know and I think Ive said it before but I dont know what I would do without her. She is the strongest most dependable person I know. When you need someone to just listen and give good ideas you go to Becki. She has always been so self sufficient and I have always admired her for that. She is also super talented in so many different outlets in her life. She is crafty, smart, musical, beautiful, a great mom, a good wife and the best sister.
While growing up I dont know that we had the best relationship I know that I was for sure the annoying lil sis for a long time but as we got older and I was a little less annoying (I think?) we started having lots of fun together. I use to be her alarm clock... I would go in her room and start singing and dancing and burping.. and farting YA ok probably still annoying at that point but it was always was the best part of my day getting her to laugh at me. Truly there was no one else I wanted to get approval from more than her. My cooler older sis was the $#!* to me she was the most gorgeous girl and so outgoing had the CUTEST boyfriends all falling over her and she was like whatever... I LOVED that, and was praying one day I would get her sloppy seconds LOL now that Im older I realize how wrong that would have been. She taught herself to play the flute and so I then decided I had to play the flute, I always ended up stealing the families she babysat for and I would also steal her clothes from her closet after she left for school and then would change in the bathroom before I came home LOL I even stole her bra in 5th grade and wore it... lets be honest Becki my boobs were bigger than yours even then LOL
More than all that I believe that as we have become adults and mothers we have become very close and talk at least a couple times a week and sometimes everyday. I often go out to visit her and she comes and visits us too. As our adult relationship has grown I have come to love our one on one time we get when everyone else goes to sleep and we just sit up for hours talking about the old days and the new days. During these talks over the past few years I have come to respect and love her even more, I have realized how she watched over and protected all of my siblings and me from getting hurt when we were kids, she carried such burden and responsibility that she should have never had to, for this I am forever grateful!
So to Becki I love you so much and miss you and I hope you had the BEST birthday because you absolutely deserve everything and anything you wish for!!


Haley L said...

OK, I am teary-eyed. What a neat tribute. Makes me hope and pray my girls have this kind of relationship some day. :)

Becki said...

I hope you are planning on visiting soon cause I might have to kick your butt!!!! j/k Thanks so much You are way to kind! I have the best lil' sis and nobody can compete with that. Love ya lots!!!!

Tirsa said...

That was so sweet. Just day Maddie and Malia will be saying the same thing about each other!