Friday, February 6, 2009

Hug a Korean Day!

Today is Hug a Korean Day so thats just what we did! We had a huge hug fest this morning. Daddy hugged our little Korean today to but he left before the camera came out.
A big thanks to my friends who let me know about this fun day. If you feel like huggin a sweet little Korean baby, come on bye! lol
Well shes not Korean but she still got some hugs!

All the girls... well Malia wanted out of this one!

Smoochin my little Korean princess!

She was open mouth kissing me

I loved that I captured her being so silly with Kaden
She looks like she is crying but she was laughing at Kaden and being a cheese ball!

And an open mouth kiss for Maddie too!


Alison said...

hey--what's up with the kisses?? I thought it was HUG a Korean day??
Give her another hug from me.

Elizabeth said...

Wish I could have hugged that sweet little miss! I have sick kids at home, so I CAN'T leave!
Give her a squeeze for me please!

Kelly said...

So sweet! Happy Hugs Day to you all.

tamiz said...

Thanks for sharing your Korean with us too! She's oh so squeezable!

Tirsa said...

Ez has been doing the open mouth kisses lately too. Slobber, slobber.
And, how do you get her to stay still for you to do her hair so stinkin' cute???