Friday, December 2, 2011

A week of sick

It has been a long week, a week of coughing, sneezing, sore throats, running noses, and out of nowhere crying. Both the girls started showing signs of being sick last Saturday and by Sunday morning it was full blown, but I didnt think it was horrible.. I didnt think it would last a friggin week!
Maddie missed dance and school, Malia missed school and dance and After day 4 I lost my patience! But it is really the saddest most pathetic thing to see Malia just laying on the floor and just start crying.. for seemingly no reason other than she just doesnt feel good. Her cough hasnt been to bad really at all and really not a runny nose other than when she is crying, but the girl clearly feels like crap. She has been in a dazed and confused state since Tuesday.. its been weird! And just when I think shes back because shes smiling and having fun the next minute she is pouting and crying again. Im really hoping another night will finally get her back to herself! Poor girl!
Maddie has dealt with it pretty well, her cough was painful for her and her throat was painful but the last 2 days have been much better for her. Though she still feels sick she has been happy and went to dance and to school after missing Tuesday and Wednesday dance, which always makes her very sad.

Ive been letting Malia do whatever she wants.. uh you want cartoons sure! You want candy SURE! You want it, you got it baby! Because she hasnt had much of an appetite and really Im to afraid to tell her no because if she isnt crying or giving me sad eyes Im sure as heck not going to ruin the moment!! Walking on egg shells around your sick 4 yr old.. ya thats me!
Yesterday she grabbed some crayons and a coloring book and just sat and colored for a long time, it was really sweet, and then when I was taking photos and I got a brief smile it really was a sweet moment!


Melissa said...

I am SO sorry everyone's been sick. Hopefully on the mend now.

And I just adore Malia's long hair!

tamiz said...

She is the master of posing for the camera. Maybe if you pull it out whenever she's crying she will suck in her tears and give you some of her vogue poses!