Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas 2011

Oh happy day!! Its Christmas and the joy in my home today has been that of giggles and laughs and thanks and love!!
We agreed last night that we would wake up at 6, figuring that they would be up around 5 and that would have been fine. Except I was up at 12 and 1 and 2 and 3 and then at 4 I finally just got up and waited hoping they would awake, but they didnt, until their alarms went off at 6! They were all super excited! We all brushed our teeth and prepared to see if Santa came.. well he did!!

Maddie as her routine visited someone elses pile before being redirected to her own lol! She ended up being very happy with all her things which included lot of dance stuff lots of girly stuff like lip gloss makeup and jewelry!
Malia wasnt quite awake but she found her stuff right away and the first thing she wanted was her new violin! She will be starting lessons next year and Santa just knew she needed one, since she has been asking for a couple of months.. this girl loves music. Her love of music also lead Santa to bring a little drum set that she has barely taken a break from today, she loves it!
She also got book lots of clothes soem dolls and some fun girly stuff too!It gets harder and harder to shop for Kaden, clothes are easy but actual gift are hard! This year Santa thought Kaden should have his own tv since the old big screen we put in his room broke! He was shocked and very excited that he never even thought to ask for one! Well Santa is smarter ya know!

The girls both got these adorable Disney dolls, Maddie got Bell and Malia got Mulan and the resemblance to both girls is kind of amazing! They both love them, we even let Malia take hers to hurch!

Malia is big into dress up so Santa brought a whole lot of princess dress up for her!