Wednesday, December 21, 2011

To hear or not to hear.. that was the question.

So we had a small hearing scare with Malia the last couple of months. It started when we got a letter in the mail for the school letting us know she failed the school hearing test. We just so happened to be going to her 4 yr well check that day so I figured I would bring it up with the doc. Before I had the chance the nurse gave their standard hearing test and she completely failed that. The doc was surprised and I told him about the failed school test. After asking me a few questions it started sounding more and more like she might have some sort of hearing loss. BUT he gave her his own distract and talk to her test and it was clear she could hear fine. After his questions I was a little worried because she had been what I thought was "ignoring" us a lot lately (Calling her from a different room and no response or even being very close and not getting a response, wanting the tv/music louder).
So we made an appt to get a real test done and went in last week. Well after a lots of questions and failing an initial test they looked into her ears and BAM there was a lot and I do mean a LOT of wax in there. They were pretty surprised. Her pediatrician has tried to clean it out before but she always freaked out so he left it alone. She was very very good and sat and breathed deep through the cleaning and wa'la a few tests later she tested PERFECT HEARING!!
I was very relieved, she said that things were louder and ever since she seems to not be ignoring us.. well as much ha!
So yes it was a small scare but I am very very grateful that it was a very easy fix and that the specialist just had to be a glorified wax cleaner!!


Melissa said...

So glad it was just wax! Rory failed a hearing test 3 times before they figured this out for her a couple of years ago.