Friday, December 30, 2011

Family Fun!

Well the trampoline has been a big hit with everyone! The kids spend hours at a time out there which is a added bonus for me! We all got our front flips down which was exciting!!
Malia is hilarious, we all take turns doing "tricks" and hers is to roll up like a potato bug and just sit there, cracks me up!
I am feeling sad that the break is almost over, I always love the easy going non running around just hanging out part of breaks. When I did laundry this week I had more work out gear than real clothes (because I love wearing my pink workout gear) and it was awesome!
Oh break dont end!!

And this is my gorgeous girl.. seriously I would do just about anything for her perfect skin and gorgeous teeth!


Elizabeth said...

Those are fun pictures! So happy your new trampoline didn't blow away this weekend! :)